How much do you know about the map cabinet


The map drawing cabinet is also called the drawing cabinet: the iron drawer cabinet used for placing the drawings; according to the standard A type drawing size, it can be generally classified into the bottom drawing cabinet No. 0; the metal drawing cabinet No.1, the cabinet adopts the drawer type structure, generally adopts The production of iron plates of 0.6mm or more is made.


Product specifications:

(one set include 3 sections)


0# H 550*W1300*D930mm/section;


1# H 550* W 1000* D700mm/section.

Product structure:


1. Each cabinet contains five drawers and a connecting lock.



2. The first-grade cold-rolled steel plate is formed by shearing, stamping, bending, welding and assembling.



3. Surface electrostatic powder spraying, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, smooth;



4. AutoCAD aided design, reasonable structure, accurate positioning, excellent production, in line with ergonomics;


5.Roller-type structure, no noise, always maintain a horizontal state, push and pull light, flexible and smooth.


Product characteristics:


1. The surface coating is durable, stamping resistant, corrosion resistant, neat and beautiful, non-flammable, moisture-proof and non-deformable.


2.The combination of top and bottom, left and right, extends indefinitely.

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