How to choose the right locker


For the explanation of the locker, it is the cabinet for placing clothes, but it is indeed an essential item for every household. In the 70s and 80s, most of the wardrobes were made of wooden materials. With the development of society, The wardrobe is moisture-proof, anti-corrosive and wear-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, with various colors and no fading, and long service life.

Locker was widely used in homes, public institutions, office space, schools and other places. But no matter where it is used, we must ensure its durability. So how can we ensure that our lockers are durable enough?

Shangjie believes that in order to make our lockers have good performance, we must do the following aspects.


First, we must ensure that our locker materials are sufficiently moisture resistant. Because in our living environment, the humid environment is one of the most common environmental forms, so in order to make our locker have a better performance, moisture resistance is an essential performance.


Secondly, for the locker, it is also very beneficial to enhance the strength of the cabinet. It can greatly reduce the wear and tear of our lockers and the damage of the cabinet caused by external forces.


Third, environmental protection and safety. Whether it is a locker in a public place or environmental protection and safety, it cannot be ignored.


Therefore, for the choice of locker, as long as we adhere to the above three points, it will greatly help the durability of our locker.


From the market point of view, the three most common choices for lockers: steel lockers, wooden lockers, plastic lockers.


Steel locker: It adopts high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and advanced environmentally-friendly electrostatic spraying technology. The color can be customized; it is waterproof and moisture-proof. It's easy to move. Wear-resistant PE film covers all parts, foam belt to prevent impact, quality five-layer corrugated box overall protection. Foreign imports Sai Bole locks, three-level management keys. However, there are some unscrupulous manufacturers who will also pay attention to the cost of the metal in order to save costs.


Wooden locker: mainly made of pure wood or composite board, pure wood is durable but expensive and difficult to move; composite board material is low in price but not durable, most of which are temporarily purchased rental houses, which are discarded when moving. I need to buy it myself.


Plastic lockers: Plastic lockers are widely used in various special places due to their unique materials, waterproof and rust-proof, no screws, and no deformation. However, the decoration effect is lacking, it is not customizable, and it lacks personalization. Not meeting user needs.



In general, how to choose locker, according to your needs, decide for yourself.