How to select desk and chair


Desks and chairs are important learning tools. Whether the design is reasonable or not will directly affect the comfort of students and even the physical development of teenagers. Here is an introduction to the design of desks and chairs.


First of all: safety principle, any classroom furniture in the student apartment needs corresponding safety guarantee, because the children are very lively, so they can't avoid some stumbling. So choose dstuents desks and chairs to choose smooth lines as far as possible.

Second, the environmental protection performance, the student desk chair and the furniture, its choice material is different, its use is also different, but no matter what kind of material selection desk all needs to have the environmental protection does not smell the performance, And the surface coating needs to be non-fading and not easy to scratch the characteristics, of course, must choose plastic veneers or harmless coating of the students' desks and chairs.


Then, the color selection, the student's desk and chair is the best to choose to adopt the more bright color, the character is introverted and the weak child, need to use the color to compare with the strong student desk and chair, it is suitable to choose the student desk and chair with soft and elegant line.

When shopping for the students' table and chairs, the requirements, materials, safety factors, etc. of the desk and chair should be considered well. The above describes how the student desk and chair is selected, and I hope to help you.