Introduction of shelves


Shelf may be familiar to you, you can see the existence of shelves in stores and drugstores.


With the development of logistics nowadays, shelves are also widely used, because they are mutually promoting with the development of industrial economy. More and more production makes shelves more and more popular. When cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing modernization work has become the top consideration of enterprise management, how to improve the use space and use volume of warehouses has become an important issue. The problem of improving storage space.


For a storage space planning, first we should understand the direction of use, then we should understand the importance of it. When we all know about it, we should compare it and arrange it. We should choose to make the best use of the storage space. Relatively, we have higher requirements for shelves. Only in this way can we promote the modern warehouse and also drive the goods. The development of shelves.


Classification of shelves:Heavy pallet shelves, medium shelves, etc.


The role of shelves

The concept of shelf. Generally speaking, shelves refer to shelves for storing goods. In warehouse equipment, shelf refers to the storage equipment specially used for storing parts. Shelf occupies a very important position in logistics and warehouse. With the rapid development of modern industry, the volume of logistics has increased dramatically. In order to realize the modern management of warehouse and improve the function of warehouse,  not only the number of shelves is required, but also the requirement of multi-function, mechanization and automation is required.


Functions and functions of shelves. Shelf in Modern Logistics Activities, it plays a very important role, modernization of warehouse management, and direct relationship with the type and function of shelves.


The functions and functions of shelves are as follows:

Shelf is a kind of shelf structure, which can make full use of warehouse space, improve the utilization ratio of storage capacity and expand the storage capacity of warehouse.

The goods stored in the shelves are not extruded and the material loss is small, which can completely guarantee the function of the material itself and reduce the loss of the goods.


The goods in the shelf are easy to access, easy to count and measure, and can be first-in, first-out.


Guarantee storage of goods.