One unit two-section file cabinet product introduction


Filing cabinet materials: cabinet body and parts are all made of domestic Angang high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, steel plate thickness: 0.8 mm cabinet body, shelf and door reinforced reinforcement plate thickness 1.0 mm.


Cabinet surface decoration: surface spraying with static plastic powder.


File cabinet structure:

1. The upper and lower parts are divided into open steel plate door, the door is equipped with an adjustable shelf, the lower door is equipped with an adjustable shelf. The door is equipped with stiffened plates.


2. The shelf load is made of an open four-folded structure, and the ribs with stamping grooves are welded under the middle of the shelf.


3. Cabinet door with matting lock, lock for up and down linkage cylinder through double lock points.


4. The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with high-quality nylon footpad.


5. The left side of the cabinet plate, the back plate and the right side of the mountain plate are the integral structure formed by bending the whole sheet of steel plate.

Production Technology of one unit two section four Document Cabinet:

1. The cabinet body adopts fully automatic NC machine tool cutting, CNC machine tool punching, bending, non-trace spot welding forming.


2. The surface spraying is carried out by adopting a large-scale automatic plastic-spraying production line; the cabinet body is firstly subjected to acid washing to rust, hot water rinsing, clean water rinsing, degreasing and degreasing, two-way clear water rinsing, and then immersed in the surface passivation treatment in the phosphating tank, the clean water is rinsed and the hot water is rinsed, After drying and preheating, the electrostatic powder spray of the epoxy resin is carried out, the measured value of the coating thickness is 70-80µM, and the coating is subjected to high-temperature leveling, curing and the like, so that the sprayed coating is corrosion-resistant, the impact resistance is higher than the national standard, and the adhesion of the coating reaches the standard of grade 1.


3. Door and side panels are connected by invisible hinges.


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