School desk and chair


There are many kinds of tables and chairs, and the main frame of the table and chair main in Luoyang Shangjie is made of steel, and the panel is made of fire-proof plate. The classification method is different, and the table and chair classification is different.


Students' desks and chairs can be divided into kindergarten desks and chairs, primary school students' desks and chairs, middle school students' desks and chairs, and college students' chairs if they are segmented according to their age.

If according to the functions of desks and chairs, then divided into fixed desks and chairs and lift desks and chairs, according to materials are divided into wooden desks and chairs, plastic desks and chairs and steel tables and chairs.

Of course, for different kinds of students' desks and chairs, the requirements for their quality are very strict, and they also require the students' table and chair appearance and inner table to be free of burrs and sharp edges, otherwise, they will be harmful to their students in the course of use.

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