Selection and purchase of steel changing wardrobe locker


But the so-called interlacing is like a mountain. It'seems to be contrary to each other, but in fact it is interlinked. Because you don't know this industry, this product, you don't know exactly what it looks like, but from the beginning to the end, it's there, it won't change, it's a penny. The quality of the product determines the quality of the product. Since we want to choose the locker, it is to start with the quality of the product, so how should we choose the locker?


If you choose a large steel locker, then the wardrobe leg is required to be 2.5 cm thick, of course not too thick and not too thin. Too thick is clumsy and thin and deformed with twists and turns.

As in the selection of wooden wardrobe, check carefully to see if there are bugs in the wood, to see if the drying is complete. At the same time, to open the cabinet door, drawer door to see if the inside material is pedantic, can use fingernail pinching, pinch in, the inside material is pedantic. After opening cabinet door with nose smell, if pungent, clarify glue in formaldehyde content is too high, can be harmful to human body.


Check the cabinet door, drawer slot should not be too large, should pay attention to horizontal vertical, door can not droop.


Small wardrobe, such as chairs, stools, clothes hanger and so on in the choice, if the conditions are adequate, may be in the cement floor towing, sound loud, this shows better quality; If sound makes mute, this also shows, welding connection is not close, structure is not firm.


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