Why the unassembled steel file cabinet so popular


Shangjie unassembly steel file cabinet


After ten years of technological innovation, Shangjie has become the industry's leading manufacturer of unassembly cabinets, with numerous patents on unassembly cabinets. For ten years, Shangjie has been delving into technological reforms, and now Shangjie can unassemble and assemble all its products.

Unassembling and assembling steel file cabinet is to unassemble the whole cabinet into plate structure, such as bottom plate, two sides plate, roof plate and back plate, and pack and transport separately. After arriving at the destination, then plug in and reassemble into the cabinet in the form of clasp. Good unassembly and assembly products, is the most test factory technology and foreign trade strength.

Technical advantages of unassembling and assembling Steel file cabinets


The biggest benefit of the unassemble cabinet is to save freight. The unassembly and assembly cabinet has the advantages of small transportation volume and easy loading. For example, in the case of a complete cabinet, only 75 units can be packed in one container, and 450 parts can be filled in the case of unassembly and assembly. The same freight, transport more products, save thousands of dollars, and can effectively reduce the collision, scratch and other losses caused by the product in the long-distance transportation, it is very suitable for foreign trade sales.


Unassembled steel cabinets exported to many countries and regions, exported to South America, Southeast Asia, the United States, Australia and other countries and regions. Become Henan Province has the strength of one of the steel furniture enterprises. What makes unassembly steel file cabinets so popular? Before the traditional unassembly and assembly technology, there are always many shortcomings such as instability after assembling cabinet door. Shangjie developed his own front-frame unassembly and assembly technology to achieve a more stable exclusive advantage after installation! The technology has also been patented by the state and recognized by the market. Because of the high technical content, the unassembly cabinet structure we designed will be more reasonable, the installation time is short, the installation method is convenient, and the installation process is only. The advantage in five minutes. The assembly is zero difficulty, saving the installation labor cost for the customer!


Packing mode of unassembly cabinet


As a result of the use of unassembly structure, before shipment, the factory will make steel file  cabinet into zero, unassembled packaging. Place all the parts of the product in a thickened corrugated packing box layer by layer. Each layer between parts, use anti-shock foam paper separated, layer-by-layer protection, to avoid friction damage on the surface of the product. The packing volume of all parts is only 1 / 4 of the whole document cabinet, which greatly saves the transportation cost, convenient handling, can effectively reduce the storage volume, in the transport process is not easy to produce damage; Even the late assembly is very convenient, 5 minutes to complete, and installed into a stable structure, practical performance Good.